Best Cities in Europe

Best Cities to Visit in Europe Part One


The capitol city of the Netherlands is well known for its gorgeous architecture and picturesque canals. Make like the locals and explore the city streets by bike, being sure to visit the 400-year-old Canal Belt, which is lined by some of the most beautiful homes in the country! In terms of culture and history, Amsterdam is home to a museum dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh, as well as the Anne Frank house, which was the actual structure in which the Frank family lived in secrecy during World War Two. Visitors with a sweet tooth should make a point of sampling the city’s unique take on a cookie, the stroopwafel. Made from dual, thin waffle layers sandwiching a deliciously stick syrup, the Landskroon Bakery (385 Singel) is widely reputed to have the best version you will find anywhere!


Not only is Athens the capitol city of Greece, it is also one of the oldest cities in the entire world! As it was once the most influential and powerful city in Ancient Greece, one of the major attractions of this city is that it literally transports you back in time. Here, you can tour the ruins of the infamous Acropolis, which contains a number of temples, the most famous of which is the Parthenon, dedicated to the city’s patron goddess Athena. The magnificent street art here is nothing short of mesmerizing, as is the vibrant nightlife to be had on the rooftop bars! Greek culture is associated with a hearty spirit and love of good food and drink. If you are only able to eat at one restaurant while visiting Athens, be sure to make it Orizontes. Not only is the view absolutely unparalleled, you can dine on traditional dishes such as croaker cheeks in lemon sauce or a creamy risotto with truffles.


The second most populated city in all of Spain, Barcelona is located in the northeastern Catalonia region. It is the ultimate vacation spot for beach bums, as the weather is nearly perfect for most of the year, making the ample and beautiful shoreline widely accessible. The Gothic Quarter in particular boast amazing architecture along with two must-visit cathedrals, the Placa de la Cathedral and the Placa Sant Felip Neri. While you are in the city, you must make a point of sampling some of the regional dishes, such as paella, a thick stew concocted from seafood and rice or esqueixada, a light, flavorful salad consisting of raw salted cod paired with fresh tomatoes and flavorful olives.


Located on the Rhine River in western Germany, this two-thousand-year-old city is famous for its multiple Romanesque cathedrals as well as its gorgeously maintained historical streets. Boasting one of the oldest universities in the country, Cologne is easy to lose yourself in for the sheer beauty and historical value. Make a point of setting a day aside to explore the historical Old Town, or get a once in a lifetime view of the city by riding a cable car that lifts you above the city and its majestic river! No visit to Germany would be complete without indulging in some of the finest European chocolate, and Cologne plays host to the Chocolate Museum, which showcases the history of the product as well as giving visitors the opportunity to design their very own chocolate treat to bring home!

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