The Most Haunted Hotels in America

The Battery Carriage House Inn: (Charleston, South Carolina) Built in 1843, this place is simultaneously touted as Charleston’s most romantic inn, and also the city’s most haunted hotel! Boasting a promenade that showcases amazing views of the Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumter, this place is just as famous for its resident spirts as it is for its beauty. Room 3 has a reputation for unexplained electrical activity, such as cell phones suddenly coming to life when they have been turned off, as well as faucets in the bathroom that turn themselves off and on at will. Some guests have even witnessed a kind of supernatural party taking place, with spectral figures congregating in the common area. Room 8 has a headless ghost that watches guests as they sleep at night, while room 10 is home to a the courteous spirt of a gentleman who is fond of attractive female visitors.

Concord’s Colonial Inn: (Concord, Massachusetts) Dating back to 1716, this place served as a hospital during the Revolutionary War-era. A popular site for weddings with an excellent restaurant on premises, if you are seeking an encounter with the paranormal, ask for room 24, where the operating room was once located. Guests here report everything from a pervasive feeling of being observed to glimpses of misty forms moving about at night.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel: (Los Angeles, California) Established in 1927, this hotel is as well-known in Hollywood as some of the celebrities who have stayed there. Located on the iconic Walk of Fame, Marilyn Monroe called the Hollywood Roosevelt her home for two years. It is none other than her ghost along with other silver-screen specters that make this place a haunted hotspot! While her apparition has been spotted elsewhere on the grounds, many report seeing her in mirrors, particularly in her former suite, number 1200. Montgomery Cliff is another actor who is rumored to have never truly left the hotel. It is said he is seen in or around suite 928, where he once stayed. His lively spirit does everything from roam the halls to occasionally letting loose with a phantom trumpet!

The Omni Parker House: (Boston, Massachusetts) This is one of the most beautiful hotels in the entire east coast. The décor is a classic combination of dark wood and gold, complete with a ballroom and a kitchen that is credited with being the birthplace of Boston Cream Pie. Established by Harvey Parker in the 1855, this is also the oldest continually operating hotel in the United States, having been the stopping point from everyone from John F. Kennedy and Ulysses S. Grant to Babe Ruth and Judy Garland. Is it any wonder this place has a reputation for being haunted? Mr. Parker himself is said to be a ghostly presence in the building, yet his spirit is far more concerned with ensuring guests are satisfied than causing any disturbance. While he has been spotted in many locations, the 9th and 10th floors are the most active. There was once a room on the 3rd floor that was rumored to be so haunted that it was eventually converted into a storage closet. Interestingly, the elevator makes occasional stops to the 3rd floor when no button has been pushed to summon it.

The Stanley Hotel: (Estes Park, Colorado) Back in 1974, legendary horror author Stephen King and his wife Tabitha checked into room 217 at the Stanley Hotel. As it was close to the end of the season, they were the only guests there, and his experiences there served as the catalyst to creating the Overlook Hotel as the setting for The Shining. While you must take the tour to access the underground tunnel, there is enough paranormal activity in the main areas of the hotel to satisfy any ghost hunter. The main staircase is where the original owners, Freelan Oscar Stanley and his wife tend to appear before stunned viewers, while the elevators are said to move up and down on their own accord, as if responding to the whims of invisible guests. Mrs. Stanley’s piano can frequently be heard playing music, even though there is no one sitting in the seat. If you are looking to stay in room 217, 401 or 407, be sure to make your reservation well ahead of time, as these “spirited” rooms are also the most in demand!

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