Things to do in New Orleans

Eat Crawfish: No trip to New Orleans is complete without participating in at least one authentic crawfish boil. These small, lobster-like crustaceans are affectionately nicknamed mudbugs, and they are a staple of Creole cuisine. Typically boiled in a spicy broth and paired with boiled corn and potatoes, be sure to stop by Redd’s Uptilly Tavern on Maple Street for some of the best crawfish in the entire city!

Indulge in a Frozen Daquiri: You will see many different shops peddling these delicious, boozy concoctions as you explore the city. New Orleans is one of the few cities where you are allowed to consume alcohol on the streets, so pick your flavor and enjoy every sip and you continue on your journey!

Listen to Some Jazz:  New Orleans is nearly synonymous with jazz music, and one of the best places to experience it live is at the Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro on Frenchmen Street. This place is composed of three different rooms – a dining room that offers classic creole fare such as gumbo, fried oysters and shrimp remoulade, a bar room that makes for a cozy spot to enjoy a cocktail, and of course, a music room! This room has two stories and limited seating that ensures a personalized experience for every show you attend. Offering two performances nightly, be sure to check the calendar and arrive early to get a seat!

Go Ghost Hunting: Infamous as one of the most haunted cities in America, there are a plethora of ghost tours available that you can participate in, or, if you prefer, you can visit many of the city’s most haunted hotspots on your own. While there are many different places in the city that are alleged to be home to some pronounced paranormal activity, the French Quarter is one of the most popular spots for ghost hunters. Here you will find LaLaurie Mansion, which was once the former home of the sadistic Madame LaLaurie who tortured several slaves in the upstairs area, as well as the Sultan’s Palace, which was reputed to be the site of a grisly massacre that left the Sultan himself buried alive in the courtyard!

Stroll Down Bourbon Street: Yes, this is one of the most touristy spots in the entire city, yet it is certainly worth a visit, if only just to soak in the atmosphere. Famous for its party scene, there is a wealth of bars and strip clubs here to indulge your sinful side, along with plentiful places to eat and souvenir shops.  Keep in mind that this is not the most family-friendly location, so don’t plan on going here if you have children with you. Likewise, while there is very little violent crime here, it bears mentioning that you should keep your eyes open and be weary of pickpockets and/or purse snatchers.

Visit the French Quarter: Also known as Vieux Carre, this is the oldest section of the city of New Orleans, dating back to 1781! Today, it is the center of activity, valued not only for its historical significance but also for the number of restaurants, bars and other wonderful spots that line the streets. Jackson Park is an absolute must see, with its infamous statue of Andrew Jackson as the centerpiece. The French Market is an excellent spot to find everything you are looking for as well as treasures you never knew you needed, while Royal Street has a plethora of art galleries and antique shops to explore! While you are here, be sure to make time to stop by Café du Monde, which is believed to be the best place in town to get a beignet (French doughnut).

Experience the Garden District: Even though this place is just as popular amongst tourists as the French Quarter, there is a different vibe here entirely. Instead of the busy, energetic atmosphere, the pace here is far more relaxed and refined. This is a wonderful spot to appreciate New Orleans architecture, as you gaze at the many mansions lining the neighborhood. For the ultimate experience, take a streetcar down Charles Street or visit the oldest known residence called Toby’s Corner. For braver souls, be sure to pay a visit to Layfayette Cemetery, largely considered to be one of the most beautiful final resting areas in the entire United States!

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